YouTube Shares a Look at Its 2022 Focus

YouTube has been reporting immense growth in 2021. The platform reported a $28.8 billion ad revenue last year. Recently, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced the platform’s top 2022 priorities. Today, YouTube shares a look at its 2022 focus.

Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan shares a look at YouTube’s 2022 focus. These include innovations for creators, partners, and viewers.


First, YouTube aims to expand the availability of Super Thanks as another option for creators to earn revenue. This is besides the continued expansion of funding for Shorts. Alternatively, YouTube is also looking to venture into NFTs.


Neal also announces a deeper focus on live shopping to help brands and creators earn more revenues. The platform enabled polls and trailers on live streams and will continue adding similar features this year.


For viewers, YouTube introduces a 4K plus CTV package. As it opened a 6000-seater theater, the platform will continue to expand its Connected TV integration with YouTube Studio. YouTube music also features 80 million albums, covers, and remixes in its catalog that are free for YouTubers to play in the background.

YouTube shares a look at its 2022 focus on 10 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As YouTube shares a look at its 2022 focus, marketers should expect more innovation. YouTube is set to become an eCommerce platform, which can give brands new opportunities to boost awareness and conversion.


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