YouTube Paves Way for the Creator Economy with $28.8B in Ad Revenue

Last November, Tiktok kept its strength after rivals arised and projected to be surpassing 1.5 billion users in the preceding months. While these social media platforms continue to skyrocket, Today, Youtube continues to be the leading in the platforms providing video sharing services. Here’s how they did it:

Due to its revenue-sharing program, it saw billions shared with creators annually. This makes no other social media platforms attempt to surpass the advent of creator monetization model that is sustainable. The giant platform’s main driver is its Partner Program implanted within the video space. According to Alphabet, the program plays an important role in the huge jump in YouTube’s 2020-2021 performance.

YouTube Paves Way for the Creator Economy with $28.8B in Ad Revenue

As per the report on the fourth quarter of 2021, they have generated $8.6 billion, making it a huge $28.8 billion being earned in advertising within the full year. 

YouTube’s $28.8 billion revenue report from Alphabet was published on 2 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s ad revenue is split by 45-55 with 55% going to the creators. This makes the platform pay an exceeding $15 billion in 2021. Because of the earnings being made from the platform, more and more marketers are making their way to utilize it for their brands. After all, creating videos and using YouTube advertising will not just make marketers increase their revenues but also attract more potential customers. Marketers may be able to build trust, authority, and recognition by managing a channel suited for the business 


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