YouTube Introduces Live Shopping Events

Google has noted that the pandemic accelerated the shift to eCommerce and live streaming. During the Small Biz Day, YouTube tested live stream shopping. It also enabled live chat polls and trailers on such streams. With HDR viewing, it looks like viewers shopping on YouTube’s theater. In celebration of the advertising week in New York, YouTube introduces live shopping events.

YouTube Live Shopping events

Google’s VP of Brand and Agency Solutions, Tara Walpart Levy, announces that starting the 15th of November, YouTube will host a week-long live shopping event. She also confirms the partnership with Samsung, Verizon, and Walmart for the said event. YouTubers who will tune for such specials will most likely score limited offers and new products. They’ll also get answers to their questions in real-time through the live polls and Q&As.

YouTube introduces live shopping events on 19 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s live shopping events can be a key opportunity for marketers to boost reach and revenue. By answering the audiences’ queries in real-time, they can make the buying experience easier and quicker.


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