YouTube Rolls Out New Shorts Analytics and Control Options

Last September, YouTube introduced “Shorts” as its TikTok clone. Shorts are 15-second to 30-second music clips. To boost discovery and usage, the platform also released Shorts funding for creators. Shorts are initially available in India. It was then expanded to the US. As the availability of Shorts expanded, YouTube rolls out new Shorts analytics and control options. 


YouTube Shorts management

New Control Option

YouTube adds a new control option for creators to block the use of their audio and video content in bulk for Shorts remixes. This they can do by going to the YouTube Studio tab and selecting “Content.” Under the Content section, check the boxes of the content you would like to opt-out of. Afterward, click on edit, hit the short sampling, and choose “Don’t allow sampling.” If the audio or video has been previously used in Shorts remixes, they will automatically be muted and deleted after 30 days. Moving forward, the content can no longer be used on any Short remix. Creators can reverse the setting by following similar steps and disabling “Don’t allow sampling.”


YouTube Shorts Analytics

Shorts Analytics

Shorts analytics will now be available in YouTube Studio besides YouTube’s main app. As previously explained, Shorts views are counted as regular videos on YouTube. A key overview of Shorts Analytic will now be shown on the main app. This contains a link to YouTube Studio to view specific Shorts insights.

YouTube rolls out new Shorts analytics and control options on 16 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new YouTube Shorts analytics and control options are key indicators of the rising significance of these short-video clips in the platform. For marketers, this is something to keep an eye on. Once YouTube enables product tags on Shorts, they can be a powerful marketing strategy like Reels and TikTok.


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