YouTube Expands the Availability of Shorts

Do you want to do a TikTok-like feed on YouTube? Well, the answer is YouTube Shorts. It’s a new way to create 15-seconds vertical music clips on the platform. Shorts was initially introduced in India on 14 September 2020. Together with a logo, the platform added a shortcut button for Shorts at the bottom of its mobile app. This is to increase its visibility and offer a new way to watch the short clips. Last March, YouTube officially launched Shorts to the US market. Today, YouTube expands the availability of Shorts to 3 new regions.

Shorts are now available for YouTube users in Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. They can access both the Shorts camera and feeds. Besides, YouTube is also expanding the available list of music in the app. These can help YouTubers to create themed Shorts and trending clips with the latest song tracks. 

YouTube Shorts Report

Together with the expansion, YouTube also publishes a Shorts Report. Such a report aims to guide users on how to keep Shorts’ creation all-in-one, fresh, and fun.

YouTube expands the availability of Shorts on 07 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The expansion of YouTube Shorts signals a rising acceptance of such short video clips among YouTubers. For marketers, Shorts can be a new approach to expand reach via short video clips. It can be worth experimenting with how Shorts can help in a brand’s ads and campaigns.


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