Twitter Enables Accessing Spaces via Web

Twitter is indeed making a leap this 2021. It has been acquiring different platforms to strengthen itself. These include Birdwatch, Revue, and Scroll. The platform also launched professional profiles and rebranded its ad products. Recently, Twitter is focusing on its Clubhouse-clone, Spaces. The platform created a dedicated tab to boost the discovery of these audio rooms. It also expanded Spaces for Android and allowed scheduling Spaces. Today, Twitter enables accessing Spaces via the web.

Twitter Enables Accessing Spaces via Web

The Twitter nation can now tune in to Spaces via desktop websites and mobile websites. This is a major advancement in such audio rooms. Hosts, listeners, and speakers can now use their PC microphones to join audio conversations via Spaces. That means being able to use higher quality and professional sound equipment. People who join Spaces via PC will first see a preview of ongoing Spaces. This shows the hosts and listeners of an audio room. Participants can also scroll through their Twitter timeline while listening to the broadcast. Unfortunately, some users are having issues connecting to Spaces via the web but Twitter notes that this is just a teething problem.

Twitter enables accessing Spaces via the web on 26 May 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Accessing Spaces via the web is a major leap to allow high-quality audio within Spaces. Twitter’s focus is on its infrastructure in its aim to beat the Clubhouse app. For marketers, Spaces can be a great and unique option to promote products and services with over 199 million daily active users on Twitter.



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