Twitter Acquires Revue, a Platform for Publishing Newsletters

Twitter is a microblogging platform. Its users gain followers by sharing their thoughts through short snippets. Today, it has been the go-to social media site for current events and news exchanges. This prompted Twitter to partner with different brands and businesses in empowering its feeds. Recently, Twitter partnered with Amazon Web Services and Breaker, a social podcast app. It also entered a brand partnership with Double Verify (DV) and Integral Ad Science (IAS). Today, Twitter acquires Revue, a platform for publishing newsletters.

Twitter Acquires Revue, a Platform for Publishing Newsletters

Revue is a stand-alone app that allows writers to get paid by publishing and writing editorial newsletters. As Twitter acquires Revue, it will remain as a stand-alone app. But Twitter will make its pro features free for all Twitter accounts. The platform also lowers the paid newsletter fee by 5% to incentivized writers. The team-up aims to build conversations through long-form content.

Twitter acquires Revue as of 27 January 2021

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s partnership with Revue makes the platform a better space for writers. For marketers, this is a good opportunity to establish a content marketing strategy on Twitter. With 330 million monthly active users, brands can aim to get to the inbox of their audiences through informational content.



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