Twitter Tests Birdwatch to Counteract Misinformation

In the US Presidential election held last November 2020, Facebook and Twitter have been grilled around their actions in disseminating information to the public. This calls for updating both platform’s privacy policy. Both platforms have also made their moves to provide quality information to the community. Facebook recently launched Facebook News UK with hopes to roll it out globally. While Twitter tests Birdwatch to counteract misinformation.

Birdwatch is a Twitter site adopting a community-driven approach to counteract misinformation. Here, Twitter users can leave a note on what they feel about the accuracy or truthfulness of specific tweets. During the pilot test, the comments will only be visible on the Birdwatch site, which for now, is only available to US users. A Birdwatch icon shows next to the original tweet. Users can click the icon to see the comments on the Birdwatch site. They can also rate the note based on their helpfulness in giving out accurate and truthful information. To participate in Birdwatch, Twitter users can choose to sign up via the “Contribute to Birdwatch” option on a tweet.

Twitter tests Birdwatch as of 25 January 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Birdwatch is a great move for Twitter to counteract misinformation. Any information in social media spreads quickly and encouraging the community to recognize false information is a healthy way to battle them. For marketers, there should be some focus given to fact-check information. Every brand should aim to provide accurate and truthful data. As such, they can establish a good reputation and add true value to a brand.



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