Twitter Expands Testing the Spaces App on Android Devices

Last November 2020, Twitter launched its counterpart of Facebook Stories. They called the feature “Fleets.” They are tweets that disappeared after a day. During that time, the platform started testing “Spaces.” This is an app similar to Clubhouse that uses audio or voice chats. This month, Clubhouse celebrated its 1st anniversary boasting 13 million downloads. Yes, it seems to be a short-lived success as Twitter expands testing the Spaces app on android devices. 

Twitter recently announced that they have boosted the use of Spaces among android users during the last 48 hours. Such an announcement has triggered a huge number of replies from the Twitter nation. Many android users are very eager to welcome Spaces on their phones. With a broader audience reach, the absence of an app for android can be a disadvantage to Clubhouse. This can be an onus to such an invite-only app as broadcasters may switch to using Twitter because of its larger reach. To date, Twitter has more than 340 million monthly active users.

Twitter expands testing the Spaces app on android devices as of 25 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

The test expansion of Twitter Spaces on android devices is a move to boost the use of Spaces. Marketers should prefer switching to audio-based marketing once such an audio app is fully launched. Visual content may still be a top engagement consideration but Spaces opens up new opportunities for a different kind of content – voice ads. Brands can use them to gather audience feedback, interact with their followers in real-time, and open up product or relevant topic discussions.



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