Instagram is Testing Bonuses Program for Creators

Instagram Creator Week is coming! It’s going to happen from 08 June to 10 June 2021. The platform is focusing on announcing new features and tools for their short-form videos during that time. It is testing auto-caption and resharing stickers via Stories. It is also working on saving them in drafts. The platform also launched the remix options on Reels and is testing how to share them on Facebook. Today, Instagram is testing a bonuses program for creators.

Instagram Bonuses

Mobile developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, spotted the test on the back-end code of the Twitter app. In an image tweet, Alessandro showed a feature for Instagram creators to “Earn More with Bonuses.” Below such a feature shows 3 options:

  • Get Paid for Your Reels
  • Track Your Progress
  • Access New Earning Opportunities

The 3rd option updates creators with new earning opportunities as bonus programs become available. The 1st option above hinted that such a bonus program focuses on sharing new Reels. Each creator needs to reach a threshold of the number of new Reels shared to claim the earnings. Yet, Instagram’s bonus program can also be made available to different IG content. It is also not sure if the bonuses will be in the form of cash payouts.

Instagram is testing a bonuses program for creators as of 23 May 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s bonuses program is another move to outcompete TikTok. This is besides enabling branded content and shopping tags on Reels. For marketers, this can be an opportunity to earn more by focusing on Reels adverts and campaigns. With 1 billion Instagram users and  2.7 billion Facebook users, Reels will indeed be a perfect marketing strategy.


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