Instagram Tests Auto-Caption for Stories

Auto-Caption Option ffor Instagram Stories

Captions are a great way to make content accessible and discoverable to viewers. Most search engines show search results based on keywords. Instagram started testing auto-captions on IGTVs. Last 24 November 2020, YouTube started enhancing automated captions in video chapters. While Facebook shared tips on how to create SEO-friendly closed captions to videos. Today, Instagram tests auto-caption for Stories.


The new update allows Instagrammers to add auto-captions on their video stories in different ranges and styles. By adding a caption sticker on Stories, users can choose between 4 text styles to show the automated text captions on the video clip. These include basic block letters, larger words to add emphasis, regular text style, and typewriter-Esque block text. On-screen text captions will appear at the center of story videos. 

Instagram tests auto-caption for Stories starting 09 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s auto-captions for Stories opens new options for brands and creators to reach a wider audience. Marketers are now ensured for their Stories to be understood whether with sounds or none. The key is to check if the captions are accurate and clear. As Instagram expands auto-caption, businesses can look forward to a new meaningful way to provide better connections and engagements.


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