Instagram Officially Launches Remix Option for Reels

Video remixing has been a popular form of content nowadays. After TikTok released duets, other social media platforms began developing similar features. Instagram started testing the remix option on Reels. Snapchat tested such a feature under Snaps. Today, Instagram officially launches a remix option for Reels.

Instagram Officially Launches Remix Option for Reels

Instagrammers can now create a reel alongside an existing reel. Only Reels published in public can be included in the remix. To use the remix option, simply tap the 3-dots icon on the right side of a reel and select “remix this reel.” 

When recording a remix on Reels, users can control the volume of the audio from:

  • the original reel
  • the recorded audio
  • a voiceover which you can record by tapping the microphone icon

Instagrammers can control the volume by tapping the slider icon while remixing Reels.

Instagrammers can also turn off the remix option for all Reels via the setting menu. While they can set it off for individual Reels via the 3-dot icon. 

Instagram officially launches a remix option for Reels as of 31 March 2021

Implications for Marketers:

The remix option on Instagram Reels can help creators fuel content trends. For marketers, it can be a great way to bring magic to ad content, capture an audience reaction, and respond to fans. As such, it can boost more engagement and interaction on Instagram. 


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