Instagram Publishes a Holiday Shop Guide

The holiday spirit is around the corner. Social media platforms are now ramping up with their ad strategies. Snapchat, for one, launched an early holiday resource hub. Facebook published a Christmas marketing guide. It also provided holiday tips and tools. Twitter also rolled out holiday marketing tips. Today, Instagram publishes a holiday shop guide. It is called “Holiday Szn,” a mini-site highlighting the use of shops and other eCommerce features. 

Instagram Holiday Season guide

First off, Instagram suggests adding products to Catalog and updating all details to make shopping easier during the holiday season. These include inventories, pricing, eCommerce links, and more.

Second, Instagram published an Instagram Shopping: Guide to Your Catalog. It shows the best practices on how to add content and details about a product on shoppable catalogs. The platform suggests uploading at least 4 high-resolution images to catch the eyes of shoppers. It further suggests putting at least 3 snappy descriptions of the product’s attributes like color, material, and size. Accurate shipping information is also important to make the buying process easier for customers. 

Third, Instagram highlights the use of product tags to make your products easily get discovered. They allow people to see details about a product immediately and make the purchase without leaving the app. Instagram further notes that using more than 5 product tags every month increases its page visits and purchases. Brands and businesses can tag products on Instagram feed, live streams, mentions, Reels, Stories, and videos. 

Instagram publishes a holiday shop guide on 15 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s holiday shop guide is a handy collection of notes and tips for a Christmas campaign. Marketers should take a look at the mini-site to ramp up their holiday campaigns. A better understanding of eCommerce options on Instagram can boost conversion and sales among brands. 


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