Twitter Offers Holiday Marketing Tips

The time is nigh for brands to roll out their holiday marketing strategies and spread the holiday cheer to their beloved clients. That’s why Twitter’s Customer Support team has recently released some tips to help brands and marketers develop winning Christmas content across Twitter during the holiday season. 

This is what Twitter had to say:

To help your brand stand out on Twitter we asked our Customer Success team to share their top organic and advertising Twitter tips for this Christmas season. Our Customer Success team works with a variety of brands across different industries and marketing goals — so it felt like a natural fit to have them share their wisdom. Follow these top tips as you plan your final marketing efforts for the year.”

Here are the top tips that they offered:

Refresh Your Profile and Pinned Tweet

Brands should look into changing their profile pictures, header images, and pinned tweets to fit the holiday season. These changes may seem minimal, but they further highlight the brand’s transition into the holiday season and could better showcase holiday marketing efforts. 

Add Urgency in Your Ad Copy

Brands may stand to receive a better response from customers if they add urgent CTAs to their Tweets. According to Shona O’Dwyer, the Account Manager of EMEA,

“Including a sense of urgency to your ads can help encourage shoppers to make a purchase. This could be through limited-time offers, displaying products low on stock, or limited-time free shipping.”

This is already a commonly-done marketing tactic, but it is still effective considering the Christmas rush to buy presents for family and friends.

Use Polls

Polls could be a particularly effective way to engage with audiences during the holiday season because it seeks user opinion and it facilitates discussion. It also effectively helps brands gain more insight into what consumers are thinking about, which could help guide their marketing strategies during the holidays. 

Use Website Cards

Website cards can be used when running Twitter ads. Users are given a quick overview of a brand’s website as well as an easy way to visit the brand’s platform. Using website cards allows brands to automatically showcase their preview image and improves a Tweet’s clickability through the added link. To do this, the brand must enable the feature for their Twitter account through their settings.

Don’t Over Hashtag

Putting too many hashtags may be counterproductive and may pull focus away from the main message of the Tweet. By minimizing the use of hashtags, brands could expect more direct responses to their Tweets.

Refresh Your Ad Creatives

Twitter says that brands should try regularly updating their copy or consider doing so. Updating content could very well be the key to improving ad performance across the platform. According to Benjamin Wilde, Account Manager for EMEA,

“Refresh your Tweets or creatives every two weeks to help maintain a high-quality score in auctions. Your Tweets and creatives should change with the season, building excitement as Christmas gets closer.”

Play with Conversation Settings

Brands should look into experimenting with the recently added conversation settings on Twitter. Conversation settings could be adjusted in such a way that filters out who can reply to certain tweets, which brands can use to facilitate discussions or interviews on their Twitter platform.

Create a Healthy Balance

Maintaining a balance between sales and value-adding content is extremely important. The main goal may be to convert, but users need to be interested in the brand’s overall content to be able to create a relationship with them. The more engaged a user is, the more likely they are to patronize a brand’s content. 

Implications for Marketers:

These tips may be used by brands and marketers alike as a guide to amplify their holiday marketing efforts, especially when using Twitter. While they are not sure-fire ways to success, they provide insight on what has been proven to work across the platform and may be the key to improving holiday marketing strategies


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