Snapchat Launches Its New Holiday Resource Hub

It’s almost half of the year 2021. Snapchat makes the 1st initiative to liven up the holiday shopping rush. Snapchat launches its new holiday resource hub. The platform spearheaded the festive shopping season because, for them, shopping is the gift of results. 

The main highlight of Snapchat’s new holiday resource hub is an 8-page online guide. The “Get the Gift of Results” shows a Snapchat user’s celebration cycle:

  • It starts with seeking inspiration.
  • Then focuses on list-making.
  • The third step is shopping.
  • While the ultimate goal is sharing the joy.

Snapchat also lists the key trends in global shopping today.

  • Global optimism is on the rise so festive shopping celebrations this year will be bigger than ever.
  • Mobile commerce will dominate shopping so creating a seamless mobile shopping experience can maximize results.
  • Shoppers want immersive experiences so AR try-on is on the rise.

These key trends are supported by statistics and tips to guide brands and businesses. “Get the Gift of Results” concludes with a list of 12 ways to win this festive shopping season.

Snapchat launches its new holiday resource hub on 08 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s new holiday resource hub aims to encourage businesses to get into planning for the holidays as early as today. For marketers, this is something to get going. Planning the holiday campaign early on Snap can get you first in line and first in conversions.



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