Facebook Tests “Ad Strategies”

The holiday season is on and Facebook wants to make it easier for businesses to level up their ads and campaigns. First off, the platform published a Christmas marketing guide and some holiday tips and tools. Today, Facebook tests “Ad Strategies.”

Facebook Ad Strategies

Facebook Ad Strategies can be a powerful marketing tool among brands and businesses. The tool uses automation to help build complete customer pipelines. By creating an ad strategy, you can reach new, engaged, and repeat customers. Facebook Ad Strategy comes with the following feature:

  • Complete Customer Pipeline
  • Smart Audiences
  • Intuitive Report

How to Use Facebook Ad Strategies

Under a Facebook Business Profile, go to “Create an Ad Strategy.”

  • Select what you are selling for the tool to match the best ad strategy for your business. Click on “Continue.”
  • Choose if you want “Leads” or “Sales.” The system will show how your ads will be distributed among 3 groups of audiences: 
  1. new customers, 
  2. engaged customers
  3. repeat customers

 It will also show an estimated daily ad spend which you can customize based on your preference. 

  • You can now add your creative content for each customer segment. The tool suggests creating 3 to 6 ads for each group of audiences. You can also import recommended ads from the Ads Manager.

After setting up a creative ad, Facebook’s AI will measure the response over time to optimize your ad spend. It relies heavily on the system’s detection of the best ways to target audiences based on each sales funnel. Facebook Ad Strategies is currently rolled out to a small group of pre-selected businesses.

Facebook tests “Ad Strategies” on 01 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s Ad Strategies is a smart way of using automated tools to maximize ad spending and campaign responses. It can be beneficial for marketers in setting up effective ads and campaigns. With data backing up decisions on the said tool, they make them a more dependable and trustworthy strategy.

Reference: https://twitter.com/MattNavarra/status/1433120454147969030

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