Facebook publishes a 2021 Christmas marketing guide

Christmas is just around the corner. As September approaches, people look forward to the holiday season. Snapchat was the first to launch a holiday hub early this year. Even though Facebook enabled a holiday mode option in its Marketplace.

After hosting a series of interviews on “Data, Creative and Advertising Excellence,” Facebook publishes a 2021 Christmas Marketing Guide.

Facebook Christmas Guide

Facebook’s 2021 Christmas Marketing Guide aims to help brands and businesses to map out a more effective approach for the coming holiday season.

  1. It is geared around a “<a href="https://social-stand.com/facebook-publishes-a-2021-christmas-marketing-guide/">Discovery Commerce System</a>,” Facebook's ad matching process.

    It delights shoppers by anticipating what they need. The process involves 4 steps:1. The Personalization Engine is driven by machine learning. It focuses on understanding people’s behaviors, interests, and preferences.2. Engaging Surfaces deliver creative content through curated experiences on where people are spending their time.3. Advertising and Conversion help convert people from the discovery of a product to making a purchase without the need to leave the app.4. Learn and Optimize enhance experiences to achieve and exceed holiday goals.Facebook provides examples and practical tips for each step on the 18-pages 2021 Christmas Marketing Guide.Facebook publishes a 2021 Christmas Marketing Guide on 24 August 2021.

  2. <strong>Implications for Marketers: </strong>

    acebook’s 2021 Christmas Marketing Guide is a great tool to win over competitors in the coming holiday season. Marketers should carefully immerse themselves in the 4 steps of its discovery commerce system. They will not only help your Christmas marketing strategies but your Facebook ads and campaigns as a whole.


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