Twitter Introduces New Endpoints on Twitter API V2

Twitter Spaces is now in full swing! After globally launching the live audio rooms, the platform continuously added features and tools to boost its discovery and sharing. These include downloading Spaces, a redesigned mobile app, and topic tags. It also enabled co-hosting, scheduling, speaker’s list, and ticketed Spaces. Today, Twitter introduces new endpoints on Twitter API v2.

Twitter Spaces tab

Spaces Lookup

The Spaces Lookup endpoints allow creators to search for live Spaces or scheduled Spaces that their audience may be interested in. This is through a Space ID or User ID. A Space ID lookup allows creators to discover Spaces created by accounts followed by a specific user. While a User ID lookup request can yield results of up to 100 users and the Spaces they have created. 

Spaces Search

The Spaces Search endpoints allow creators to search for live Spaces or scheduled Spaces according to keywords and titles. Creators can use one or more keywords to search for relevant Spaces. They can also search Spaces using their titles. Both results can be filtered according to live and scheduled Spaces. 

There is no official announcement yet as to when the new endpoints will be made available. Twitter introduces new endpoints on Twitter API v2 as of 18 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new endpoints on Twitter API v2 can enhance real-time conversations within the platform. With the extra panel of searching Spaces in different options, both creators and users can enjoy a better Spaces experience. For marketers, this can be a big boost to Spaces ads and campaigns on Twitter. Allowing better discovery of Spaces can significantly expand its reach. 


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