Twitter Tests Spaces Topic Tags

After Twitter ended Fleets last July, the platform focused on enhancing Spaces. Spaces are live audio rooms similar to the Clubhouse app. It allows a host, 2 co-hosts, and 10 speakers on the list. Last month, the platform enabled new Spaces discovery and sharing features. Today, Twitter tests Spaces topic tags.

Twitter Spaces topic tags

Twitter is currently testing an option to add topic tags on Spaces audio room to maximize its reach. Once Spaces hosts launch live audio rooms, the option to add up to 3 topic tags will appear as they name the room. After typing the Space room’s name, suggested topic tags will auto-populate. Users can choose from these selections to add to their Space room. 

Twitter tests Spaces topic tags on 14 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Adding Spaces topic tags is a key step for Twitter to expand its discovery and reach. For marketers, using Spaces with topic tags can boost engagement among followers and target audiences.


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