Twitter Adds Editing Options for Schedules Spaces

Twitter is set to beat the Clubhouse App. After globally launching Spaces, there was a great reduction in the percentage of download for the Clubhouse app. This is first because Spaces is available among both Android and iOS users. The Clubhouse app seemed to have acted late by allowing Android downloads. Other factors contributed to the popularity of Twitter’s Clubhouse clone. The platform enabled scheduling Spaces, ticketed Spaces, and web access. Furthermore, Twitter now adds editing options for scheduled Spaces. 

As mentioned, Spaces are Twitter’s Clubhouse clone. They are audio-only rooms that facilitate exclusive voice chats. Any ongoing Space conversation is visible through a bubble under Twitter Fleets. Twitter users can request to join by tapping the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.

Twitter Scheduled Spaces editing

Twitter now allows users to edit scheduled Spaces. Such an editing feature is initially available among iOS users. They can now change the date, description, time, and title of the event.  

Twitter Spaces pinned tweet

Twitter also now allows Spaces’ hosts to remove any pinned tweet including their owned shared tweets within the Space room they have created. This is to make the conversation clutter-free and more focused. 

Twitter adds editing options for scheduled Spaces on 02 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The evolution of Twitter Spaces is very impressive from a functional and practical standpoint. Marketers should keep watch about these accelerated approaches to boost Twitter marketing. Unlocking the full potential of Spaces can be a revolutionary approach for brands to engage in audio marketing.



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