Twitter Spaces Now Display a Speaker List

Twitter Spaces now display a speaker list! This is a minor update but can make it easier for the Twitter nation to use Spaces. Spaces, a Clubhouse clone highlights live audio conversations. After its launch, the platform continues to enhance its features. It enabled downloading, scheduling, and ticketed Spaces. It also redesigned access via web and mobile app for Spaces. 

Twitter Spaces speaker display

The new user interface (UI) for Spaces now displays the Speaker’s list on the top of the display. There is also an “Add a Speaker Display” showing on top if the number of speakers has not reached the allowable number yet. Spaces can accommodate up to 11 speakers at the moment. 

Twitter Spaces now display a speaker list as of 25 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new speaker list on Twitter Spaces is another way to get people to use them by simplifying the process. For marketers, this intuitive process further evolves Twitter Spaces as a good option for audio marketing. 



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