Twitter Adds New Spaces Discovery and Sharing Features

Twitter Adds New Spaces Discovery and Sharing Features

The Clubhouse app should again watch out! Twitter adds new Spaces discovery and sharing features. This means a better audio room for Twitter users. Twitter Spaces was only launched last May, but the platform continuously updates its features and tools. These include downloading Spaces, voice transformers, and scheduling Spaces. The platform also made such audio rooms accessible to Android users.

Twitter Spaces update

Twitter Spaces now allow listeners to directly tweet within the audio Space room. Once they make a tweet, the audio Space room hashtags will auto-populate on it. It also comes with the audio Space room link making it easier for the Twitter nation to discover. 

A search option for Spaces is also being tested on some members of the Twitter nation in iOS apps. They can now search for ongoing and upcoming Spaces via the host handle, name, and the title of a Space.

Twitter Spaces update

Last, an improved Spaces layout now allows a host to manage live spaces. The audio room display will not only display the listeners and speakers list but will also show a specific tab for requests.

Twitter adds new Spaces discovery and sharing features on 29 July 2021.  

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter Spaces’ discovery and sharing features can amplify the broadcasting of such audio rooms. For marketers tapping into the power of Spaces, these tools can help maximize opportunities to boost engagement and reach.



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