Twitter Gives a Preview of Ticketed Spaces

Remember Twitter Blue? It is a paid subscription on the platform which also has tip jar buttons. It is one monetization option for Twitter creators. Today, the platform is expanding its monetization tools with Spaces. These are Clubhouse audio rooms’ clones. Recently, scheduling Spaces is under beta testing with selected Twitter accounts. Today, Twitter gives a preview of ticketed Spaces.

Twitter Gives a Preview of Ticketed Spaces

Payment Split for Ticketed Spaces

First off, ticketed Spaces will be available to Twitter profiles with 1,000 followers and up. The profile owner should at least be 18 years old and must have hosted 3 Spaces in the past 30 days. Stripe will handle the payment system for ticketed Spaces with the transaction fees being shouldered by Twitter. Apple will take a 30% cut on the earnings. Twitter will get 20% of the earnings after Apple has slashed the payment. For example, if a ticketed Space earns $10, $3 will go to Apple. Twitter and the host will split the remaining $7 into 20/80 respectively. 

Creating Ticketed Spaces

It is easy to create ticketed Spaces among qualified Twitter accounts. Under your profile button on Twitter, click the “Monetization” option and choose “Ticketed Spaces.” Upon choosing “Ticketed Spaces”, you can apply to host a live event or schedule a paid gathering. You will be asked to choose the type of ticketed Space according to categories. You will also be asked to provide the demographics of your Spaces audience but this is optional. Once approved, you will need to link a Stripe account where you will receive the payment. Afterward, your audiences and followers can start buying tickets to join the paid audio conversation. For now, ticketed Spaces will initially be available among Twitter users in the US. 

Twitter gives a preview of ticketed Spaces on 21 May 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s ticketed Spaces is a move to encourage a continuous flow of creator engagement among the Twitter nation. For marketers, this can be a great way to partner with influencers in promoting products and services. Hosts with users paying for Twitter Spaces can greatly influence the listener’s buying decisions, and that’s around 199 million daily active users.


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