Twitter Redesigns Its Mobile App with a Spaces Tab

Twitter redesigns its mobile app to boost the discovery of its audio chat rooms! An icon for the Spaces tab will now appear at the center of the lower function bar of participating iOS users. Spaces is a new way for the Twitter nation to engage in live audio conversations like the rooms in a Clubhouse app. With a test pool of 500 selected iOS users, a new dedicated Space tab takes up a prime position among Twitter’s mobile apps. 

Twitter Spaces tab

Twitter’s redesigned mobile app is a move to conquer the key challenge of boosting the discovery of Spaces. During the beta testing, anyone with 600 Twitter followers can create an audio chat room via Spaces. Last month, Twitter CFO Ned Segal noted that they are planning to boost the discovery of Spaces through an “Outside Your Network” headline. But it seems that Twitter is starting to test the true power of the Spaces tab.

Twitter redesigns its mobile app with a Spaces tab as of 03 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s redesigned mobile app aims to boost the discovery of audio Spaces. For marketers, this can be a sign of discovering the power of audio chat rooms to connect and engage with the Twitter nation. As voice marketing is going into the spotlight, it may be worth it for brands to try such an option. 


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