New Snapchat Research Outlines Gen Z Brand and Content Preferences

The Gen Z market is becoming of more focus for marketers, and Snapchat has been able to compile some data on trends permeating the Gen Z market. These trends may define future purchase behaviors which make them worth looking into. 

Since most of the Gen Z are well-versed in tech, social media platforms like Snapchat can give marketers key insights into their behavior. Snapchat claims that it is able to reach roughly 90% of people aged between 13-24 years old across the United States. This percentage is higher than that of the percentage of this age group using Facebook and Instagram combined.

Snapchat partnered with Kantar to look into the brand and content preferences of the Gen Z and how these preferences are set to shift, evolve, and determine the market. In Kantar’s study, they got responses from 12,000 research participants from 6 different countries. Gen Zers have a high rate of brand preference, as indicated by their tendency to favor 1-3 brands in a particular category over the other available brands.

This is what Snap discovered:

“This could be because many Gen Zers express themselves through brand selection. We observe Gen Z saying that brands allow them to express themselves at rates higher than older generations in every market except Saudi Arabia; for example, in Australia, 65% of Gen Z say they use brands to express who they are, versus 40% for Gen X and Baby Boomers… To understand what drives brand preference among Gen Z, we asked research participants to assign attributes to the brands they use — like ‘this brand cares about its customers’… there are consistent themes that emerge around the environment, caring about customers, and product exclusivity. 

The research was also able to discover that Gen Zers rely on their friends and family’s recommendations. 

Implications for Marketers


Marketers can use these trends to gain insight into the brand and content preferences of the Gen Z. They would also be able to use these trends to figure out marketing strategies, especially because the Gen Z are beginning to influence purchasing decisions.



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