Instagram Updates Audio Functions of Reels

Instagram is determined to compete with TikTok with Reels. This short-form video function was initially launched in Brazil on 12 November 2019. It was then expanded to France and Germany, India, and 50 regions globally. As it expands, Instagram is boosting its exposure on the platform’s Stories and main feed. Today, Instagram updates the audio functions of Reels.

Instagram Updates Audio Functions of Reels

Reels are creative tools that allow users to record and share a short clip with audios and effects. Initially, it has a 15-second limit but now one can record up to 30 seconds. Users can use audios from Instagram’s music library. They can also upload audio of choice by recording a reel with it. The update adds these new audio functions to Reels:

  • Audio Browser – this allows users to search for music, sounds, and Reels clips that use them.
  • Save Audio – this allows users to save their music or sound in the app. As such, they can now use it for audio remixes on Reels.
  • Share Audio Pages – this allows users to share their Reels collections by sending a piece of audio through DM.

Instagram updates audio functions of Reels as of 08 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Today, online audiences are more interested in cool and snappy content. Reels can help marketers attract the audiences’ interest. They can now share product trends and updates through DM among their followers. Sooner, Instagram will be integrating Shops on Reels. So, marketers have to focus on perfecting this short-form video creation for their IG campaigns. 



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