Instagram Launches Reels to India

TikTok has been a hit in India this first part of 2020. There are around 81 million Tiktokers in the country in February 2020. Unfortunately, tensions between China and India are rising. So, the Indian government banned Tiktok. To replace the loss, Instagram launches Reels to India. It’s a Tiktok counterpart app. 

Instagram Launches Reels to India

Instagram Reels functionality is to record a 15-second video with music. The remix had a range of editing options and can be spliced together with other clips. On 12 November 2019, it was first launched in Brazil. It was then launched in France and Germany on 24 June 2020. With Reels being launched in four countries now, there’s a possibility that it will be made available to a broader audience these coming days. 

Instagram launches Reels to India on 06 July 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The launch of Instagram Reels to India signals its possibility to be available worldwide. As such, marketers should prepare themselves to engage in video marketing using the said functionality. Videos continue to gain popularity today. And Reels is a good content opportunity. Marketers can use such a function to create teaser videos. Be creative enough to create relevant clips about market trends. Also, you can work with influencers to highlight a brand using Reels. 


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