Instagram Merges IGTV and Feed Videos

Instagram is set to make videos bigger on the platform. Last July, IG Chief Adam Mosseri announced its shift from a photo-sharing platform to photos & videos. Since then, many changes have happened. Instagram allowed desktop uploading of photos and videos. It also allowed sharing Instagram Live to IGTV. Today, Instagram merges IGTV and feed videos.

Instagram video update

Instagram Video

As Instagram merges IGTV and feeds videos, it gives birth to a unified format – “Instagram Video.” It makes it easier to upload videos with just one camera click. Instagrammers can also upload IGTV and feed videos the way they do. But what is better about “Instagram Video” is its new features:

  • New Camera Filters
  • People and Location Tagging
  • Video Trimming

All these can boost the discovery of video content on Instagram. 

New Video Tab 

A new video tab will now show on an Instagram profile. It will be the home of all videos uploaded on Instagram. Users no longer need to navigate different surfaces just to watch videos on Instagram. All they need to do is scroll the video tab to find the content they want to watch. Tapping a video puts them on full-screen mode. 

Insights and Video Ads

Instagram Video will now show a combined feed post and video insights for businesses and creators. Feed videos will now be 60 seconds long while video ads are still at 15 seconds. IGTV ads are now called in-stream video ads. Eligible creators can monetize such long-form content

Instagram merges IGTV and feeds videos on 05 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new “Instagram Video” allows users to view more video content on just one surface – the new video tab. For marketers, it makes it easier to create IG videos and increase their reach. In-stream video ads can also help maximize engagement in IGTV marketing.


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