Instagram Announces Shifting from Photo Sharing to Videos

Instagram announces shifting from photo-sharing to videos. It is no longer a photo-sharing app. Instead, it switches into a photo and video-sharing app. This is to embrace change. Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri said that TikTok is huge. YouTube is even bigger. So, they need to do something with the stiff competition.

Adam further elaborates that people now go to Instagram to be entertained. That is why Instagram now leans into videos. So, there is more to do when it comes to videos on Instagram. We are experimenting on how to make it more entertaining, immersive, and mobile-first. Right now, Instagram is trying to build new experiences primarily in four areas. 

  • The first is to help creators make a living on the platform and shift their power from institutions to individuals.
  • The second is video, as it drives an immense amount of growth online and it’s one that Instagram needs to learn more about.
  • The third is shopping as the pandemic accelerated the commerce shift from offline to online and Instagram wants to lead on that trend.
  • The fourth is messaging as to how people connect changes a lot.

Instagram announces shifting from photo-sharing to videos as of 02 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram videos have seen tremendous engagement in the past few months. Marketers have a tap on the power of Reels and Stories to advertising brands, products, and services on the platform. With 1.16 billion monthly active users, experimenting on a better video experience can greatly help businesses in the platform.



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