Instagram Launches Professional Dashboard

Besides a personal account, there are two other types of accounts on Instagram. Creator profiles are meant for brands and influencers. While business profiles are designed for brands and businesses with an eCommerce shop or who have already set monetization strategies. Instagram is committed to helping creators to monetize their passion. As such, Instagram launches Professional Dashboard.

Instagram Launches Professional Dashboard

Last year, Instagram has rolled out different tools to help businesses and creators with their marketing goals. These include branded content, paid badges, shops, stickers, and tags. Instagram’s “Professional Dashboard” is a platform to access creator tools and track performances. This new dashboard offers three key elements:

  • Grow Your Business for quick access to professional tools for easier content creation. It also features an eligibility for monetization” check.
  • Stay Informed gives guidance, inspiration, tips, and tricks through the latest educational resources. 
  • Track Your Performance notes an account and content performance on Instagram. Here, creators will see a full comparison and insights about their stats.

All these three elements are previously available in different forms. The “Professional Dashboard” gathers them all in one place for easier access and navigation.

Instagram launches Professional Dashboard on 25 January 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s Professional Dashboard makes it easier for creators to view account insights, educational resources, and tools in one place. It may not be a major update on the platform but it’s highly valuable. For marketers, it’s a handy platform to check performance stats and at the same time stay updated with key trends and training resources. Such a dashboard can help brands better connect with the audiences and easily monetized content.



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