Facebook Adds New Features in Business Suite

The year 2020 has brought more people and businesses online. Today, 55% of businesses use digital tools to connect to their customers. Online catalogs, shops, stickers, and tags are modern ways to shop. It is also easier to pay online using QR codes now. Last September 2020, Facebook Business Suite was launched to help brands manage their Facebook and Instagram pages in one interface. It allows them to post content and receive messages in one place. Today, Facebook is adding new features to Business Suite.

Facebook Adds New Features in Business Suite

Scheduling Post and Stories

Facebook now makes it easier to schedule posts and Stories during the planning stage. By navigating the “Post & Stories” tab on Business Suite, brands can now create content (including Stories) and schedule its publishing on a future date and time. This option works for both Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, a brand can do the same when selecting “Create a Story” on a Page’s home tab. Should the brand need to edit the scheduled post, just head to the “Scheduled Posts” tab, select a post, do the changes and save? All scheduled posts can be previewed in the “Calendar” section of the “Post & Stories” tab.

New Ways to Get Discovered

A dedicated feed listing will now show below the related Page recommendations on Facebook newsfeeds. This new process highlights related content based on a user’s interests. These new discovery elements will initially show up in beauty, clothing, fitness, and restaurants. They are being tested on a small group to determine how recommendations can assist users in exploring Facebook content.

New Ads Option

Facebook also rolls out new ads option as follows:

  • Call Ads allowing advertisers to add a “Call Now” CTA button on their ads.
  • Conversion Leads goal for Lead Ads gives pure conversion insights over pure volume.
  • Convert Lead Forms to Messenger Templates allow integration of CRM leads to Facebook and transform lead ads into Messenger templates. This feature aims to make it easier to follow up on customers via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook adds new features in Business Suite on 15 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

The new features of Facebook Business Suite can help marketers better map out their content strategy on both Facebook and Instagram. The scheduling option makes it easier for brands to plan their content calendar. It also helps them maximize their Stories approach. Page recommendations can help push eCommerce goals by allowing the discovery of products and services. While the new ads tools give more capacity for brands to directly connect with their customers within the platform.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/new-facebook-business-suite-features-including-stories



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