Instagram Tests Quick Reply Stickers

Instagram has been recently rolling out tools to enhance engagement within the community. It has enabled multiparticipant live streams. It also started hiding like counts. Recently, Instagram relaunched Instagram lite. Today, it tests quick reply stickers. 

Instagram Tests Quick Reply Stickers

According to InstaLeaks, Instagram is testing quick reply stickers in 4 categories. Among them are funny, happy, love, and sad. Instagrammers can select a range of reactions among these 4 categories when replying to a posted story. These make it easier for users to share a quick response without the need to type a statement or write a full sentence.

Instagram tests quick reply stickers as of 24 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s quick reply stickers provide a fresh take on the reaction process among users. For marketers, this can open up new opportunities for brand sponsorship, promoted reactions, etc. Brands can also use stickers to push their social media image. They can add them as highlights on logos and slogans.


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