Instagram Replaces Nametags with QR Codes

Instagram aims to make connections easier within the platform. On 22 May 2020, they linked Facebook Messenger to the platform. On the business side, they launched Shop tabs, shopping tags, and stickers. Recently, Instagram replaces nametags with QR codes.

Instagram Replaces Nametags with QR Codes

QR codes are not a big thing in the past. It’s because no one seems to care about it. But in the past few months, it gains more traction. In the US, dining out prompts restaurants to use QR codes for their menu to make transactions faster. Stores use them for touchless payments. And shipments have QR codes on their product packaging for enhanced merchandise information

Josh D, an Instagram Product Designer,  tweets the announcement of the new feature. He mentioned that the IG Japan Team built it. In his tweet, Josh says that QR codes will be replacing Instagram’s nametags. Nametags are great but the downside is that they can only be scan through an IG camera. QR codes can be scanned even through an Android or iOS camera. The feature allows immediate linking to an Instagram profile. What’s fun with the new QR code is its prototype design using @FacebookOrigami. The modern interface quality didn’t degrade the code’s ability to be scanned. 

Instagram replaces nametags with QR codes effective 19 August 2020.

Implication for Marketers:

Instagram replaces nametags with QR codes to make its barcode feature universally accessible. Around 180 million businesses on Instagram can leverage them to connect to customers. An estimated 11 million households use them in the U.S. along with this 2020. For marketers, this is something to watch out. QR codes are a common sight. You can use them for bookings, direct messaging, seamless buying, special promotions, and updated inventory. The key is for marketers to start educating the audience on the convenience and flexibility of QR codes.



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