Introducing Facebook Business Suite

Many businesses suffer because of COVID-19 pandemic. They were forced to find new ways to thrive online. Facebook aims to help them by building a set of tools for eCommerce and online connections. The platform integrated direct mail option and Messenger on Page last June 2020. They also added a new chat plugin for business websites on 04 August 2020. To top all the efforts, they are now introducing Facebook Business Suite.

Facebook Business Suite is an app where admins can access Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger simultaneously. Via desktop, it will show as Business Manager. For mobile users, they see an option to join Business Suite by downloading the standalone app for both android and iOS. Inside the app, admins can create and schedule content for both a Facebook and Instagram Page. They’ll also see key insights and updates for both pages. These include the post’s engagement, reach, and performance across the two platforms. Page admins can also view and respond to comments and messages using the Business Suite. They can even set up preformatted replies to common inquiries. The new app seems a combination of Creator Studio and Page Manager.

Facebook introduces Business Suite on 1 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook Business Suite is a single page to manage pages and profiles across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. For marketers, this is a helpful app to get business results for all platforms. It saves time in managing posts and staying updated with alerts and notifications. In the long run, this simplified marketing app can be the main interface for a business page of the Facebook family of apps.



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