Drops Trends on Instagram Marketing

For years, street brands have been using an excellent marketing tactic – Drops. Drops are time-restricted releases of limited-edition products. Such a technique creates excitement and a sense of urgency among followers making it effective in driving conversion. With the recent exposure of Reels on Instagram’s main feed, Drops trends on Instagram marketing.

Drops have been adopted by businesses worldwide as eCommerce recently boom. On Instagram, it evolves around the principle of “Promoting less, revealing more…” There are lots of ways brands can adopt the Drops technique on Instagram. Among the 3 best examples are:

New Customer Base Engagement.

McDonald’s Taiwan partners with Apujan, a famous Taiwanese fashion designer based in London. Their latest ads about the black burgers feature stylish designs attracting the younger generation. The limited release of the black burgers is highlighted by Reels with a countdown timer engaging a new customer base in the process. 

Purpose-focus Engagement.

More than 50% of global consumers say that they prefer buying from a brand that supports the same values they believe in. This is according to a Facebook IQ survey. Baggu, a manufacturer of reusable bags and other items, teamed up with the activist and virtual artist, Sage Adams. Sage designed limited-edition reusable bags for a cause that Baggu added to their Shops for a limited time. 100% of the proceeds were donated to Border Kindness.

Demand Engagement.

No matter how big or small, Drops can help businesses appeal to the audience, thus, creating demand engagement. Obvious Agency, based in Sao Paolo, was a creative advertiser using a whimsical representation of female figures. C & A Brasil partnered with them to release branded content for the holidays. These branded contents sold the small collection in a matter of seconds.

Drops trends on Instagram marketing as of December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Drops are a great technique to bring about the excitement to the audience around exclusivity. Marketers can use them as a regular model to connect directly to consumers. Brands can use Drops to engage their loyal customers. Or they can build a new customer base by introducing new content. The trick is to leverage the use of Instagram marketing tools in creating Drops.

Reference: https://business.instagram.com/blog/trends-drops-limited-releases-on-instagram/


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