YouTube Tests Direct Access to Shorts

YouTube is ramping up Shorts. Recently, it partnered with Ed Sheeran for a Shorts campaign. YouTube Shorts is a clone of Tiktok. It features a 60-second vertical clip with music. Last September, it celebrated its 1st anniversary. The platform also expanded the $100 million Shorts funding to more countries. To boost further discovery of the feature, YouTube tests direct access to Shorts.

The test is currently conducted on a small number of mobile users. YouTubers under the said element will have direct access to Shorts once they log back to YouTube after watching Shorts in their last session. But if your last session involves watching videos other than Shorts, you will not have direct access to the feature once you log back in. 

YouTube tests direct access to Shorts on 03 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As YouTube boosts Shorts, marketers should learn to strategize video ads utilizing such a feature. It has a big potential to boost engagement and reach. Eventually, it can help boost the marketing results of YouTube video ads. 


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