YouTube Launches the “Permission to Dance” Challenge

YouTube Launches the “Permission to Dance” Challenge

Here’s some good news BTS fans and YouTubers! YouTube launches the “Permission to Dance” challenge in partnership with BTS! This is a creative competition for YouTube Shorts enthusiasts. 

YouTube Shorts is a TikTok-like dance clip that YouTube recently enabled globally last week. It was originally tested in India after TikTok’s ban. Last month, it was rolled out to the US. BTS, a septet boy band from South Korea. They are 21st-century icons for pop culture. Their latest hit was the song “Permission to Dance.” 

Starting the 23rd of July, YouTube will be holding its 1st worldwide dance challenge for YouTube Shorts. Anyone from across the globe can join the challenge. They just need to replicate the BTS dance moves with the “International Sign” gestures of dance, joy, and peace. Then, use the #PermissiontoDance and #Shorts hashtags upon uploading the video for the entry to be considered. BTS will also be spotlighting their Shorts compilation. By moving to the rhythm of their heartbeat, BTS invites people to add their own style in the “Permission to Dance” challenge. The challenge will end by the 14th of August.

YouTube launches the “Permission to Dance” challenge on 19 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s partnership with BTS is a smart move to tap into the power of pop culture. As influencers, they can well benefit marketers to promote their products and services using YouTube Shorts. With 2 billion monthly active users and video being the most engaging ad format today, brands can never go wrong with a YouTube strategy.


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