YouTube Enables Shorts Testing to All Regions

YouTube Enables Shorts Testing to All Regions

YouTube is set to boost the discovery of Shorts. They are short video clips that serve as a TikTok clone. Shorts were initially tested in India last December 2020. It was then introduced to the US market last March and to Canada, Latin America, and the UK in June. Recently, YouTube expanded the availability of Shorts to the Middle East and the UAE. Soon thereafter, the platform made it available under beta-testing to all regions of the world.

YouTube Shorts

Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer of Instagram made the official announcement. He mentioned in a tweet that the Shorts feature will now be anywhere where YouTube is available. The announcement was brief but is a major development in YouTube.

YouTube enables Shorts testing to all regions as of 12 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube Shorts are a great option for video marketing. Expanding its reach to all regions allows marketers to easily connect with their viewers through creative Shorts clips.Reference:


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