YouTube Shares That New Logo for Shorts is Underway and Provides Insights on How to Get Featured in the Shorts Feed

YouTube’s short video feature, Shorts, is now being rolled out to more regions. In line with this, a new icon for the function is being tested out using the YouTube Android app.

The new icon was spotted by @WFBrother and reported by Matt Navarra, and it may be indicative of a more extensive platform for Shorts.

Shorts clips can be found on the front page of the YouTube app, in YouTube’s Shorts Shelf, which can be scrolled through to watch Shorts videos. To further promote the use of Shorts, YouTube’s Creator Insider channel released a video sharing a few key tips on maximizing the exposure for their Shorts content. However, the Shorts tools are being rolled out on a limited basis, and they are currently only available in India. 

Here are some of the tips they shared:

  • Put the hashtag #Shorts in the title of the video to have a better chance of appearing in the Shorts row.
  • Keep content fresh – highly visual, highly accessible, and very enjoyable.
  • Keep it short and straight to the point.
  • Strategize on location of Shorts and overall programming schedule.

Implication for Marketers:

This new YouTube function could be a new way for brands and marketers to reach audiences, considering YouTube’s massive user base. While YouTube needs to further roll out its Shorts features to other regions, its potential as a marketing space could be great. 


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