YouTube Launches HDR on Live Stream

YouTube is making a great effort to help creators better connect with the community. Recently, the platform introduces audio ads, offensive comment warnings, Shorts (a TikTok-like option), and smart replies. Today, YouTube launches HDR on Live Stream.

YouTube Launches HDR on Live Stream

Creators can now live stream their videos using HDR. High-Dynamic Range (HDR) is the latest in viewing technology that delivers a more dynamic-looking pixel. It boosts brightness and contrast resulting in brighter highlights and color accuracy display. YouTube has supported HDR in pre-recorded content since 2016. The update makes YouTube the very 1st platform to support HDR in live streams. Initially, it will be available in HLG and HDR10 standards with hopes to expand the offering moving forward. Creators need to use Google’s supported encoders while viewers need a supported playback device to access the HDR live streams.

YouTube launches HDR on Live Stream on 08 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

As YouTube launches HDR on Live Stream allows creators to show more vibrant live videos, which can be eye-catching to the viewers. Marketers can take advantage of HDR live stream to showcase products in vibrant colors. It can boost interest from the viewers and highlight the product’s visible feature to further engage the audience and influence their buying experience.


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