YouTube Expands Video Ads to CTV

YouTube is set to help advertisers reach more people and monetize their content. The platform made ads available in shorter YouTube videos. It expanded the availability of Super Chat and Super Stickers to more regions. It even lowered the eligibility threshold for community posting. Today, YouTube expands video ads to CTV.

YouTube’s Connected TV (CTV) allows users to watch TV and videos via Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other internet-connected devices. Recently it added a 4k Plus Package on its CTV offerings which include new Sports channels, unlimited downloads and streaming, 4k resolution, and 5.1 Dolby audio. 

To boost online sales and reach new customers, YouTube makes video ads available on CTV. Under the “Video action campaigns,” advertisers can integrate their inventory into shoppable CTV ads. A URL at the bottom of the screen directs viewers to the brand’s website without viewing interruption. While brands can view the impact of the ads through the “Conversion Lift beta .” YouTube’s video ads to CTV are now available through Google Ads.

YouTube expands video ads to CTV on 04 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube video ads to CTV are a great addition for brands and businesses seeking placement of traditional TV-like ads. As they become cheaper and more efficient, it is worth considering for marketers to give them a try. 


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