Twitter Tests a New Way to Discover Spaces

Twitter is keen to make Spaces a bigger element of the platform. The platform has continuously been adding Spaces discovery and sharing features. These include Spaces download, scheduling, ticketed Spaces, topic tags, and voice transformers. Today, Twitter tests a new way to discover Spaces.

Twitter globally launched Spaces last May. It is a Clubhouse clone for live audio rooms. Spaces are available to Twitter accounts with more than 600 followers. It allows up to 13 participants – the Spaces’ host, 2 co-hosts, and 10 speakers. This is besides the huge number of potential listeners that it can accommodate. 

Twitter Spaces in progress

Currently, Twitter is testing a new way to discover Spaces. If someone you are following listens to a Space audio room, you will see them at the top of your timeline. Alternatively, a Twitter user can control who can see the Spaces he or she is listening to through the privacy setting of the account. 

Twitter tests a new way to discover Spaces on 24 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Seeing the Spaces that someone you follow on Twitter is listening to can be another way to highlight potential discussions. For marketers, it is another option to boost the reach of audio ads and campaigns. It’s pretty clear, Twitter is set to beat Clubhouse! 


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