Twitter Moves Close to the Launch of Its Reactions Picker

You can never tell what Twitter is up to! The platform has boosted enhancing the platform by rolling out audio rooms, eCommerce, paid subscriptions, short clips, and a lot more. Recently, the platform has been experimenting with stickers and twemojis. It also explored using Facebook emojis. Today, Twitter moves close to the launch of its reactions’ picker.

Twitter Reactions picker

Reverse Engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong, tweeted a preview of Twitter’s reactions picker. It will show at the bottom of the line of a tweet detail. Users can then pick a chosen reaction available on the tray. Initially, it will include 5 types of reactions –, cheer, haha, hmm, and sad. 

Twitter moves close to the launch of its reactions’ picker on 15 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s reactions picker is a new way to engage the audience among tweets. For marketers, this may not have value on a scoreboard. But they can also be a way to gauge the power of a tweet. As the Twitter nation is a unique community, it may be worth experimenting with different updates on the app to boost awareness and connection.


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