The Full Rollout of Twitter Fleets

Today marks the full rollout of Twitter Fleets. Initially, the feature was tested in Brazil. After a soft launch in India, Fleets were made available in India, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. Twitter aims to serve public conversations. It’s where people go there to know what’s happening around the world. 

Fleets is a different Twitter experience. They’re a way to share momentary thoughts more privately. They can only be seen by your profile followers. If your direct messages on Twitter are open, they can send you an emoji or a message via Fleets to start a conversation.

Using Twitter Fleets, you can:

  • Post a photo
  • Record a video
  • Share a tweet
  • Write some text

You can even customize the backgrounds and text. Fleets are live for 24 hours. The post disappears after a day. Twitter notes adding live broadcast and stickers on Fleets soon. They’re also working on collaborative Fleets.

The full rollout of Twitter Fleets takes effect on 17 November 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s Fleets is an interesting version of Facebook and Instagram Stories. Marketers should keep track of how the Twitter nation reacts to such a new function. They’re a new way to express thoughts on Twitter. They can be a potential way to stir marketing conversation on the platform.


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