Twitter adds new raised hand emoji

Twitter is still adding fun ways to engage within the platform. It enabled game conversations, reaction pickers, tweemojis, and voice transformers. As it continuously works on reaction emojis, Twitter adds new “raised hand” emoji.

Spaces raised hand

The new “raised hand” emoji is now available on Twitter Spaces.

Speakers, hosts, and co-hosts can use them to signal that they want to speak. It may be adding something to a discussion or highlighting a comment or tweet. Such a “raised hand” emoji is very helpful to manage these audio chats. The new “raised hand” emoji will appear on top of a profile bubble within Spaces.

Twitter adds new “raised hand” emoji on 10 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s new “raised hand” emoji is a handy tool to moderate Spaces better. For marketers, this is a clear sign that it is worth tapping into audio chats. With Twitter’s dedication to boost its discovery and usage, a brand can surely expand its reach. 


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