Twitter Acquires “Threader”

A lot of acquisitions and changes have happened on Twitter this year. The platform’s main focus is enhancing connections. It acquired Sphere, a group chat app, and Squad, a video chat app. It is also testing tweet reactions, tweetstorm, and Twitter ads on comments. Today, Twitter acquires “Threader.”

Threader app

Threader is an app for compiling, saving, and sharing tweet threads in a readable format. As people come to Twitter for news and trends, “threader” can help them search for threads that the Twitter nation cares about the most. Simply tweet “@threader_app compile” within a reply chain. It will return a compiled text chain that you can read, save, and share.

Threader will shut down by the 15th of December. Twitter is looking to integrate the feature on Twitter Blue. Twitter acquires “Threader” on 15 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Twitter acquires “Threader,” the platform adds a new asset on Twitter Blue. By boosting Twitter paid subscription, marketers should consider new partnerships inside such features. They can level up promoting a brand, product, or service together with paid subscriptions.


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