Twitter Acquires the Sphere Group Chat App

Twitter is currently improving its conversation and messaging tools. Recently, it is testing tweet reactions, tweetstorm, and Twitter ads on comments. It also enabled leaving a conversation option and safety mode to limit unwelcome interactions. Today, Twitter acquires the Sphere group chat app.


Sphere” is a group chat app that created a global brain by connecting experts through group chats. Twitter’s acquisition of such an app is to strengthen connections among communities. Currently, under testing, the platform aims to add Sphere’s “Zen Flow” system as a group chat feature of Twitter Communities. The platform will also use Sphere’s advanced algorithms to reformat its communities’ insights.

Twitter acquires the Sphere group chat app on 20 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Twitter acquires Sphere, marketers should look forward to a better messaging experience on Twitter. It is worth being on top of such updates to strengthen a brand’s Twitter strategy.


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