Twitter Buys the Squad Video Chat App

Just like other social media platforms, we’ve been seeing significant changes on Twitter. It has rolled out audio clips, audio messaging, Fleets, quote tweets, and tweet composer. It has also advanced its accessibility features and updated its transparency center. But this new update is very much interesting. Twitter buys the Squad video chat app. This will open new video messaging and streaming on the platform.

Squad app was launched in January 2019. Through the app, uses can fire up a video chat with up to 6 participants. What makes the app unique is its screen-sharing capability. Instead of showing their faces, the host or participants can screen share what they’re seeing on their phone at the moment. They can browse memes, private profiles, and trash talks together. Or, they can brainstorm and collaborate on a project, or status update. They can also get a consensus via Tinder swipe. After the COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns, Squad’s usage increased by 1100%. Thus, Twitter initiates to incorporate the app to broaden up Tweet discussions. Squad app will be replacing periscope as Twitter shuts it down. 

Twitter buys the Squad video chat app on 11 December 2020. After Twitter’s acquisition, Squad officially shuts down on 12 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Squad app can be a great addition to Twitter to increase user engagement. For marketers, this may lead to bigger conversations about a brand with the 188 million monthly active users on the platform. If Twitter gets it right to integrate Squad’s functionality on its video messaging and streaming, then, it can be a valuable marketing option.



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