Twitter Blue Expands to New Zealand and the U.S.

What services are you willing to pay on Twitter? This is the question of a survey made by the platform. After bringing back professional profiles for businesses, it considered launching paid subscriptions. Then, there was the Super Follow option, the first monthly subscription offering from Twitter. It was followed by Twitter Blue, another paid subscription to access premium features and tools. Today, Twitter Blue expands to New Zealand and the U.S.

Twitter Blue was initially made available in Australia and Canada last June. Twitter users between the two countries can subscribe monthly for AUD 4.49 and CAD 3.49 respectively. After 4 months, more features are added to the subscription. Today, Twitter Blue will now be available to Twitter users in New Zealand and the U.S. The monthly subscription is priced at NZD4.49 for New Zealanders and $2.99 for Americans monthly.

Twitter Blue

One unique feature of Twitter Blue is its ad-free articles from Scroll. Twitter has added new U.S. news sources such as:

  • BuzzFeed
  • Insider
  • L.A. Times
  • Reuters
  • Rolling Stone
  • The Atlantic
  • The Daily Beast
  • The Hollywood Reporter
  • The Washington Post

Twitter Blue also adds the “Twitter Labs” access. It allows subscribers to test new Twitter products under development. 

Twitter Blue expands to New Zealand and the U.S. on 09 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Twitter Blue expands to more regions, marketers should prepare to make a shift on paid subscription approach. If such paid subscriptions keep people coming back, then it can most likely be an option to promote brands. 


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