Twitter Considers Offering Paid Subscriptions on Select Services

Do you love to read top tweets on Twitter? Are you willing to pay for it? Twitter considers offering paid subscriptions on selected services. Recently, the platform has been focusing on acquisitions and partnerships. It bought Breaker, Revue, and Squad. The platform also partnered with NBCUniversal. Twitter’s latest move is to upscale its revenue. 

Twitter is now finding ways to monetize exclusive content. In a survey recently made by Twitter, it’s asking selected users which of the following features they are willing to pay for:

  • Auto Response lets you set automatic replies to comments and messages. 
  • Badges linking you to a business you own or run.
  • Brand Surveys allowing you to ask users for ad insights.
  • Custom Colors for changing the background and themes of your Twitter profile.
  • Social Listening to see conversations in volume around Twitter.
  • Undo Send to recall or remove a tweet within 30 seconds.

Twitter is also doing an overhaul of Tweetdeck and is also looking to enable subscription on this insights dashboard.

Bloomberg reports that Twitter considers offering paid subscriptions on select services on 08 February 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s paid subscription is a platform’s move to boost revenue. For marketers, this can also be an option to monetize Twitter ads and content. Brands can also use social listenings and survey to improve their Twitter campaigns for the better. With 330 million monthly active users, the key is for brands to stay relevant in the Twitter community.



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